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Mission in Motion Video Series

During my internship with SLU's Marketing and Communication Department, I filmed, edited, and organized ten interviews for a video series called "Mission in Motion." The series is a compilation of stories from members of the SLU community who share how they experience the SLU Jesuit mission in their daily lives. ​These stories have been shared on different forms of media, including Facebook, Twitter, and various websites.  The videos were viewed by the SLU community as well as by viewers from other universities and organizations around the country. 

Check out the full Mission in Motion Series:

SLU Housing and Res Life Video Series

During my internship with Saint Louis University's Marketing and Communication Department, I created an opportunity for current and future students to tour the residential halls of SLU.  With creative freedom and a great deal of excitement for this project, I decided to develop a video series called "Dorm Hunters," which is a similar style to House Hunters on the cable network. 

Creative Strategy:  Advertising will convince/persuade SLU college students that SLU's residence halls and apartments will provide them with a comfortable and enjoyable living experience during their time at SLU. Support will be provided through personal tours of the dorm rooms and apartments on campus led by other students and myself.  The tone of the videos will be fun, upbeat, relatable, and, of course, informative. 

Griesedieck Hall
Fusz Hall
Dorm Hunters Graphic

I designed the logo/title screen for Dorm Hunters using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  I chose this specific design to make sure people recognized it from the TV series House Hunters while also adding its own personality. 

Griesedieck Hall is the most recognized residence hall on campus.  It is one of the first buildings seen as you arrive at SLU.  I wanted to make sure it was the distinctive symbol of Dorm Hunters. 

Be A Billiken Website Article - Commute to SLU

During my internship with Saint Louis University's Marketing and Communication Department, I wrote articles for the "Be A Billiken" website.  Below is an article I wrote as a resource for potential and current commuter students who may wonder what life is like for those who do not live on campus.  My goal for the article was to provide them with tips on how to achieve an active part in campus life as a commuter student.

Be A Billiken Website Article - Commute to SLU

While interning in SLU's Marketing and Communication Department, I took pictures and videos for their Instagram page, which currently has a following of over 36,000.  As I contributed to the page, I stayed up-to-date on upcoming events and happenings on campus for potential content.  Below are some examples of my work:

SLU Seasonal Videos

During the Fall of 2015, I filmed and edited a video featuring the beauty of SLU's campus during that season. Saint Louis University shared the video on the SLU Official Facebook page, and the video was a success with 882 likes and 198 shares.  During my internship with SLU's Marketing and Communication Department the next semester, I made another promotional video revealing SLU's beautiful campus on a snowy day.  This video was just as successful as the first one with 833 likes and 204 shares.

Fall Day at SLU
Winter Day at SLU
Shut Up and Dance - SLU Style

During the Spring of my sophomore year of college, I wanted to teach myself how to use the video-editing program Final Cut Pro.  For my first project, I decided to combine three of my favorite things: the band Walk the Moon, dancing, and SLU. Over the course of two months, I enlisted the participation of over 100 SLU students and over 15 clubs and organizations on campus.  The video was a huge success with now over 5,000 views on YouTube.  I chose the song "Shut Up and Dance" because SLU was the first audience to hear it when Walk the Moon came for our spring concert. Due to the excitement and community feeling that this video brought to SLU campus, I still consider it one of my proudest video projects.  

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