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The Social Network Magazine

The Social Network is a magazine that I created and designed for my Publication Design class. With a target audience of both businesses and individual professionals, the magazine allows social media users to explore media's role in the world.  This is done by providing tips and advice for using social media as a professional tool, keeping readers up-to-date on the latest trends and celebrity spotlights, and directing readers to other helpful resources.  Each edition of the magazine focuses on a different platform.  For example, this edition explores the social networking platform Snapchat. QR codes, which are placed throughout the magazine, connect to related information on the magazine website. 

For a project in my Publication Design class, I designed a flyer for the 44th Annual Balloon Race and Balloon Glow in Forest Park.  Due to the fact that the events occur both at night and during the day, I emphasized that transition through my design work in Illustrator and Photoshop.  As this is a family event, I also designed the flyer to be appealing to all ages. 

Flyer for The 44th Annual
Great Forest Park Balloon Race
Multi-Piece Advertising Campaign - Babies R Us

In my Advertising Writing and Production class, we were asked to create a multi-piece print ad campaign for a company of our choice.  I chose to create a campaign for a mattress pad sold by Babies R Us.


Creative Strategy: 

Advertising will convince/persuade those who may be interested in buying a mattress pad for their baby’s crib that a Babies R Us mattress cover will provide their baby with the comfort that he or she deserves. Support will be that the mattress pad is soft and waterproof. Tone for established product will be caring and comforting. 

In my Advertising Writing and Production Class, we were asked to create a one-page print advertisement for a company that sold hangers.  I chose to create my own company named Hooked. 

Creative Strategy: 
Advertising will convince those who are looking for something to hang their clothes on that Hooked will provide them with a variety of hangers for any event or stage of life, whether that may be getting ready for a new baby or putting together your wardrobe for college.  Support will be that Hooked hangers are non-slip and come in a variety of sizes and colors.  Brand character is very caring, interested in the customer and his or her life, and desiring a special relationship with them.

Print Advertisement for Hooked
KDHX Radio Station Billboard Design

In my Integrated Marketing and Communication class, we were asked to create a marketing campaign for a local business or organization in the Midtown area of Saint Louis.  My group chose the Saint Louis radio station KDHX, as it is not very well-known in the city.  KDHX is a non-for-profit radio station that relies strictly on donors to fund it.  The DJs are all volunteers from the community who simply want to play unique music and share it with Saint Louis.  The radio station also fosters community by promoting local bands from Saint Louis while playing their music on air.  The main goal of our marketing campaign was to increase brand awareness of KDHX, which would lead to a greater increase in radio listenership and in donations.  Our primary message strategy is focused on community and connectedness.

One marketing strategy we chose was designing a billboard to promote KDHX.  Many people listen to the radio while they are driving.  Seeing our billboard may encourage them to tune to KDHX.  Specifically, with rush hour traffic leaving the city in the afternoon, we would want our billboard located along either Highway 64/40 or Interstate 70 going west.  We also chose the phrase, "Your City. Your Radio. Your Kind of Music." to encourage the message of community for Saint Louis drivers. 

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